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Biden’s First Climate Actions Include Rejoining Paris Agreement

46th President of the USA - Joe Biden Joe Biden spent his first hours as president trying to obliterate much of the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda, restore public land protections and re-establish the United States as a global leader on climate change...

Published by Kogan Page! The Road to Zero Emissions

Learn everything you need to know about the future of Road Transport. A comprehensive new book published by Kogan Page is available now. 'The Road to Zero Emissions' examines the emergence of innovative but disruptive business models that will change the shape of a...

Shock Waves ahead in the haulage and distribution industry

Shock Waves ahead in the haulage and distribution industry

Even in these difficult times as Corona virus dominates all of our lives and grabs the news headlines, it is still virtually impossible to surf the web, pick up a newspaper or trade magazine, listen to the radio or watch TV without seeing or hearing something about...

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